27 March 2011

Chapter 8 - Not What It Seams....

Well, it's been a.... shaky couple of weeks here in Japan, and it ain't over yet. Having our own "seam stress" here in a larger version called moving fault lines. 


This chapter was a lot of fun because the seams don't have to be straight :-)

8.1 Decorative seam 
samples A, B, C

Sample A used some of the black dyed fabric from Chapter 6 along with bought fabric along in the seam, then frayed, and sewn in place.

Sample B also used a bit of dyed fabric and three different pieces of bought fabric, layered, sewn in the seam, then frayed.

Sample C, black dyed fabric and two pieces of plain white fabric sewn in the seam, then frayed and gathered, then tied with another piece of white thread.

8.2 Decorative seam 
samples D and G
and ribbon samples E and F

Sample D used black dyed fabric with yarn tied in knots, folded and sewn into the seam (vertical row), then cut the piece in half, using the remaining knotted yarn sewn in and then ends frayed.

Sample E is a ribbon sample using three layers of fabric, bought tiger pattern, plain black, top a dyed sliver of fabric.

Sample F is also a ribbon sample using a combination of dyed and bought fabric pieces, layered and then frayed.

Sample G is my favorite. It is a pice of white fabric that had been stitched, with 3 or 4 layers of a bought knit fabric sewn in the seam. Then, I frayed the seam pieces and it turned out like the mane on a horse/zebra?

8.3 Sample G closeup (1)

8.4 Sample G closeup (2)

8.5 Decorative seam 
samples H, I, J, K, L, M

Samples H, I, L, were attempts at cords: H and I are two layers of fabric, twisted and sewn and L was tied in knots; J is a ribbon with decorative stitching (my machine doesn't have many choices); K is a toggle, rolled, glued and sewn around the "waist"; and M is a piece of fabric twisted, sewn, and then tied into a loop. 

It was quite interesting to see the variety that is possible in creating decorative seams. I would like to experiment further with this at some point, in colors other than black and white. 

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Total hours Chapter 8:  6