18 August 2011

Day 6.2

This one using a black oil pastel. oh well, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Day 6.1

Focusing on shadows. This one using a 4B and 6B pencil I bought today for fun.

15 August 2011

Day 5 A Fukushima peach?

I think I've mixed up Day 5 and Day 12 (coloring in). Oh, well.

This sketch has a couple of meanings... Yes, it is a peach. It is set on a background of the symbol for the prefecture of Fukushima Japan.

Fukushima has always been famous for its peaches. The peaches have traditionally been given as presents, well-known for their high quality. Even peaches that fell on the ground were collected and made into juice, jams, etc.

This year, farmers in the prefecture have been cutting the grass under the peach trees so the peaches won't touch the grass. They can't cut the grass down to the ground because the wind would throw dust from the ground up into the air.

Wonderfully delicious peaches, a proud history.

Few buyers this year.

Day 4.4

Sian had a plum, I have a pit. in 2B pencil and fine point marker.

13 August 2011

Day 4.3

I don't like working with a pen. It seems so permanent. So, this is good practice even if I'm not comfortable and don't like the results. I can still see the effects that the lines have.

12 August 2011

Day 4.2 Cherries and shadows

Day 4.1 playing with shadows

Day 3


Summer Sketchbook Day 2

Promising to get back to Module 2 ASAP, will ease into it by following Sian' Summer Sketchbook Project. I'll be traveling for the next month or so, and so far, this is a great project for hotel rooms, lunch breaks, spare moments. #1: