24 February 2013

Hello Blog. Long time no see. Let me catch up a little before starting back with the course.

3.11.11 The quake up north, the tsunami, and the aftermath. It took our breath away. In more ways than one.

It's now almost 2 years since then. It's been a rocky road for me emotionally, even though I wasn't directly involved in the disaster apart from living every day wondering when the next big one will strike, what is in our food, the air, and other little things that people deal with here on a daily basis.

I haven't stayed away from art, though. In fact, that has been one way to go through the "trauma" (nothing at all like what others in Japan experienced so I really need to find another word for it). I have done some sketching and for the past few months have been keeping an art journal, viewing YouTube videos on different processes artists use, various materials that were new to me such as Gesso. That has been interesting and informative. I can see a bit how art journaling can influence textile art.

So, it has taken time to heal, and I'm about ready to pick up from where I left off a year and a half ago, and finish this course. My goal is to start the next course. That means I need to finish this one. My work life has changed somewhat, too. I hope I'll have  at least some Sundays to work on the DS course. 10-15 minutes a day aren't really feasible. I know my limits a little better now. So, barring another disaster, I will walk the path, step by step, toward the Module Two Finish Line.

First step, clear away space, get out the sewing machine, get out the course guide, reread it all the way through, review what I've completed, thread the machine, and begin again.